The Reformed Catholic Church International

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A spiritual community as Christ meant one to be!


The Definition of Interfaith Christian

An Interfaith-Christian is one who, while rooted in their ancient Christian faith, sees, understands, and accepts unerringly, that God has created and actualized Divine Wisdom in all world religions. We see that God, working through the Spirit of Love and Truth, has not denied the blessings of Sacred Knowledge to any people. We, as Interfaith-Christians, respond to this awareness by embracing spiritual interdependence and interfaith respect.

Respectfully submitted by:
Rev. Andy Gregoire
Rev. Michael Scarlett


Code of Ethics and Professional Practice

adapted by the St. Benedict Interfaith Christian Fellowship. 2005



We, the ordained clergy of The Reform Christian Church International, do affirm this Code of Ethics and Professional Practice as our standard of conduct and responsibility in the exercise of ministry.

1) Clergy will commit themselves to a conduct which reflects the ideal that they are ministers and priests in service of Jesus Christ and His people.

2) As human beings, we are tempted by evil, particularly in the areas of substance abuse and sexuality. However, our position as Clergy, teachers of moral standards, and models of moral behavior, demands of us adherence to an exemplary moral code. We must, therefore, not engage in exploitative practices which destroy our moral integrity. We are expected by others, and we expect of ourselves and each other, to be scrupulous in avoiding even the appearance of sexual misconduct, whether by taking advantage of our position with those weaker than ourselves or dependent upon us, or succumbing to the temptations of willing adults. Similarly, recognizing the consequences of addiction, we have a responsibility to seek help for any need or tendency to abuse chemical substances.

3) Clergy will recognize that any criminal misconduct, depending upon the severity, will result in removal from membership in The Reformed catholic Church International dba The Reformed Christian Church International

4) Clergy will respect with confidentiality information shared among colleagues and will keep sacred those private utterances offered up by persons during pastoral services; acknowledging that clergy are legally and/or morally bound, under applicable state and federal laws, to report certain kinds of activities, when there is evidence of abuse of minors, the elderly, the disabled, and the physically or mentally incompetent.

5) Clergy will maintain vigilance in pastoral work and will not exploit those they serve.

6) Clergy will acknowledge their need to grow in spirit and professionalism. As a result, they will maintain a continuing life of regular prayer and study.

7) Clergy will be cognizant of their own limitations and will not hesitate to refer people to appropriate professionals, if the need so arises.

8) Clergy will maintain careful records of their ministerial work; especially in the areas of pastoral counseling and their sacramental ministry.

9) Clergy will not engage in activities, spoken or otherwise, which seek to undermine the ministries of their colleagues.

10) Clergy will honor and respect the worth of every person and will not discriminate in offering the Sacraments to any person on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, handicap or marital status, or denominational status.